August 18, 2016

Front Desk Visitor Management

Gatekeeper Front Desk facilitates point of entry and secured area visitor management. The easy to use interface, simplified flows, and fast speeds provide a streamlined platform for security personnel or front desk receptionists to quickly log in visitors or enroll first time visitors. Front Desk also serves as a dashboard view into the real-time visitor activity at facilities and  upcoming scheduled visits.

Activity Monitoring & Awareness

Active Visits and Recent Activity

Front Desk elevated awareness of visitor activity. The Gatekeeper Front Desk home screen offers a quick glance at the number of active visits, expired visits, and recent activity details. To mitigate risk, security Personnel can utilize the Expired Visits feature to locate visitors who have stayed longer then intended or who have failed to log their activity properly. The Recent Activity feed show who has recently logged visits and where.

Scheduled Visits

With Gatekeeper Front Desk, security personnel can see ahead of time, who is coming to the facility and when. Scheduled Gatekeeper Visits are presented in a user-friendly calendar view, offering insight into who will be visiting, when, and why.

Frotn Desk Visitor Management

First Time Visitors

Gatekeeper Front Desk is ideal for entry points and lobbies. As your first point of contact with visitors, the Front Desk app facilitates the need for quickly enrolling an individual who is not in the Gatekeeper system. New visitors are added with basic information and a quick photo. Identifiers, such as a driver's license, corporate badge or temporary identifier, can also be added. Once enrolled, the Front Desk personnel can quickly Log a Visit and print a label for the first time visitor.

Temporary Identifiers

Temporary Identifiers, such as temporary badges, can quickly be added to and removed from visitors using Gatekeeper Front Desk. This process gives short-term visitors or visitors without any other way to identify themselves an easy and quick solution for rapid identification. Once a temporary identifier is assigned, it can be used at any Gatekeeper Kiosk throughout your facility.

When a visitor is ready to leave your facility, the temporary identifier can be scanned and quickly unassigned. Unassigned identifiers can then be reused for the next visitor entering your facility.

Label Printing

Label printing in Front Desk is easy. The device running Gatekeeper Front Desk is simply connected to a supported label printer. Then, labels can quickly be printed for any enrolled identity in the Gatekeeper system. New and returning visitors will easily be identified by their labels which feature their name, photo, and entry details.

Access Device Control

Gatekeeper Front Desk controls access devices, such as turnstiles, with simple point and click interface. This gives security and lobby personnel the ability to remotely grant access or override any connected access device. The devices can also be locked, preventing any further, unwanted access.