January 20, 2012

Security Information and Event Management

Security breaches can have serious, measurable consequences: lost revenue, downtime, damage to reputation, damage to assets, theft of proprietary or customer information, cleanup and restoration costs, and potential litigation costs. To reduce these risks, Force 5’s security team will provide your organizations the capability to quickly identify and react to both internal and external attacks.

Many businesses face the challenge of managing the massive amounts of log data that must be maintained for audit purposes and to enforce security policies. Collecting and analyzing this information can take a significant amount of time and expertise. Many organizations simply don’t have the time and manpower.

Force 5 combines proprietary and industry-leading security solutions to provide an overview of your security compliance posture, understand user activities and security events in comparison to acceptable-use frameworks, and monitor privileged users and related security events. With security event and incident management solutions from Force 5 you can do the following:

  • Analyze and investigate security incidents and suspicious activity, plus take remedial action.
  • Log and review system administrator and system operator activities on a regular basis.
  • Log access to sensitive data, including root/administrator and database administrator (DBA) access.
  • Continually maintain and review application, database, operating system and network device logs.