August 4, 2015

Audit Ready

Force 5 delivers audit-ready, compliance driven software solutions.

Our team has worked with industry leaders to understand organizational needs, regulatory requirements, and industry standards. With audit-ready solutions from Force 5, every identity, visitor, certification, policy acknowledgement, and escort session is securely recorded and stored. Gatekeeper's historical logs provide a persistent timeline of your organizations visitor activity, real-time dashboards give your personnel a constant view of what is happening in your facilities, and a variety of reports are available for generation whenever you need them. Force 5 compliance based solutions have been audit-proven.

Audit-Ready Reporting

Gatekeeper features a range of reporting tools to streamline reviews and audits. In addition the pre-configured reports, historical logs and activity can be exported in a variety of formats for consumption or integration.

Gatekeeper Reports Include:

  • Main Audit Report
  • Identity Activity Report
  • Object Activity Report
  • Person of Interest Report
  • Muster Reports

Certification Based Reports

  • Certification Audit Report
  • Certification Area Activity Report
  • Contractor Orientation Report