November 10, 2014

CIP-004 Personnel & Training

Standard CIP-004-6 requires that personnel having authorized cyber or authorized unescorted physical access to Critical Cyber Assets, including contractors and service vendors, have an appropriate level of personnel risk assessment, training, and security awareness. Standard CIP-004-6 should be read as part of a group of standards numbered Standards CIP-002 through CIP-009.

Within the text of Standard CIP-004-6, “Responsible Entity” shall mean:

  • Reliability Coordinator
  • Balancing Authority
  • Interchange Authority
  • Transmission Service Provider
  • Transmission Owner
  • Transmission Operator
  • Generator Owner
  • Generator Operator
  • Load Serving Entity
  • NERC
  • Regional Entity

The following are exempt from Standard CIP-004-6:

  • Facilities regulated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
  • Cyber Assets associated with communication networks and data communication links between discrete Electronic Security Perimeters.
  • Responsible Entities that, in compliance with Standard CIP-002-3, identify that they have no Critical Cyber Assets.

See the NERC website for more details regarding Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards.