January 20, 2012


Force 5 delivers enterprise solutions built from the ground up with compliance, security, and usability in mind. Powerful architecture pairs with robust security protocols to deliver the ideal solution for our clients. We don't just build for you, we build with you. Our solutions were designed in partnership with leading industry personnel. Tested, proved, and defined, our audit-ready solutions deliver situational awareness while reducing risk and ensuring your organization has the evidence in place for your next audit.

Gatekeeper is the next generation in monitoring and logging physical access to critical areas. Gatekeeper will alleviate safety compliance issues and provide your organization with an efficient, accurate, and secure view into whom, when, where, and why individuals are entering your facilities and if they meet the training policy for that point of entry.

CIP Compliance

Perimeter enForce

Contractor Management

Certification Tracking

Key Management

Front Desk

Device Control

Muster App

Mobile Units

CARE - Compliance Application

Compliance, Alerts, Reporting and Education, or CARE, is built to address personnel access to critical assets (physical and cyber) based on training and certification policies. The CARE Application Suite delivers a robust solution, enabling personnel compliance with external and internal standards such as NERC.

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Today’s regulatory environments demand effective personnel management. ReadyForce is a comprehensive service focused on meeting the needs of our clients, their contractors and suppliers. Our service has been specifically designed to address many of the issues facing companies in today’s highly regulated environments.

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SureID and Force 5 Partner to Deliver Innovative Vetting and Cost Recovery OfferingPress Release