January 20, 2012


The CARE Application Suite delivers a robust solution, enabling personnel compliance with external and internal standards such as NERC.

Compliance, Alerts, Reporting and Education, or CARE, is built to address personnel access to critical assets (physical and cyber) based on training and certification policies.

The CARE Application Suite is a complete software solution enabling compliance within and outside of the enterprise.

  • CARE Employee Personnel Management
  • CARE External Personnel Management (Contractors, Business Partners, etc.)
  • CARE Link - cross references company policies with required standards

Simplified Auditing and Compliance

Designing policies to fulfill the NERC CIP requirements is not easy. Beyond the exercise of policy creation is the burden of managing compliance to prepare for NERC audits. While it is possible to attain compliance with each of the NERC CIP standards using manual tracking and management tools, it is a tedious and time-consuming process with a high risk of error and/or failure. Additionally, maintaining compliance is even more difficult, with numerous violations escaping detection.

CARE Application Suite facilitates compliance with CIP-0003-1, CIP-0003-2, CIP-004-1, CIP-004-2, CIP-005-1, CIP-005-2, CIP-006-1, CIP-006-1a and CIP-006-2. CARE Application Suite leverages an encompassing roles-based management of employees, contractors, business partners and other third parties.