January 31, 2012

Compliance and Security

Force 5 Products Automate IT Security and Compliance

Force 5 leverages the IBM security framework of products providing end to end protection with compliance reporting across people and identities, data and information, applications and processes, IT and physical infrastructure.

Threats to the enterprise come in all shapes and sizes and from all areas of the business—internally and externally. These threats challenge the ability to innovate and collaborate by tying up valuable resources to deal with the complexity of risk management and the ever growing landscape of regulatory requirements.

People—Businesses need to make sure people across their organization and supply chain have access to the data and tools that they need, when they need it, while blocking those who do not need or should not have access.

Data—Organizations need to support widespread electronic collaboration, while protecting their critical data – whether it’s in transit or at rest. They need to understand where their critical data lives and have methodologies in place to manage all of the processes associated with classifying, prioritizing and protecting data.

Applications—Enterprises need to preemptively and proactively protect their business-critical applications and processes from external and internal threats throughout their entire life cycle – from design to implementation and production.

Network and endpoint—Proactive threat and vulnerability monitoring and management of an organization’s network, server and endpoints are critical to staying ahead of emerging threats that can adversely affect system components and the people and business process they support.

Physical infrastructure—Protecting an organization’s infrastructure includes ensuring that its physical assets are also protected from security threats.

Force 5 an Advanced IBM Partner has the arsenal to help you build a complete security solution that will help you be protected today and tomorrow from the threats to your business.

Did you know? IBM was named “Best Security Company for 2010 by SC magazine, recognizing IBM’s outstanding achievement in risk management and its comprehensive family of security solutions.

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