January 20, 2012

ReadyForce (Compliance Management Network)

Today’s regulatory environments demand effective personnel management.

ReadyForce is a comprehensive service focused on meeting the needs of our clients, their contractors and suppliers. Our service has been specifically designed to address many of the issues facing companies in today’s highly regulated environments.

Our team works with you to minimize your risk exposure. ReadyForce is specially designed to manage the administrative aspects of your personnel compliance.

As part of our service we communicate, collect, document and track all on-boarding information based on your compliance requirements. Our Compliance Service Representatives (CSR) will physically verify all information and load all data into the Compliance Management Portal for your viewing and approval. Once loaded we will manage the ongoing compliance processes through our notification of change system.

We communicate, facilitate and verify training, affidavits and agreements to expedite on-boarding process all while ensuring that all requirements are being met. Test results, background check affidavits and signed agreements are uploaded and stored for your viewing. CMN ensures that vendors and personnel meet and maintain your organization's access requirements.

Compliance Concierge

  • Communicate compliance requirements to vendor/contractor and company sponsor
  • Assist company sponsor(s) to rapidly onboard and revoke contractors
  • Provide assistance to vendors working to comply with policies
  • Provide company sponsor(s) and area access manager with a complete view of their compliance posture via the ReadyForce Portal

Collect and validate vendor/contractor profile data

  • Vendor, supervisor and contractor contact information
  • Direct and sub-contractor information
  • Scheduled recertification of active contractors

Facilitate compliance training

  • Distribute Testing/grading
  • Distribute and Track quarterly awareness review

Collect and store compliance related evidence

  • Completed exams for electronic access
  • Completed exams for physical access
  • Signed PRA Affidavit
  • Signed SOC Agreement
  • Confirmed quarterly awareness

Provide alerts and notification

  • Contractors' certifications nearing expiration
  • Contractors with incomplete compliance information