January 20, 2012



Gatekeeper is the next generation in monitoring and logging physical access to critical areas. Ideally suited for organizations seeking to self-monitor and manage access to a facility, Gatekeeper seamlessly integrates access/activity monitoring, credential /photo verification, and visitor management. This powerful solution helps businesses achieve and maintain compliance and mitigate operational risk. Gatekeeper produces compliance based evidence and forensics needed for real-time risk analysis and audit-ready reporting.

Self-Service System with Limited Back Office

Gatekeeper self-service kiosks provide around the clock logging for access to physical security perimeters. These kiosks create a constant, secure, real-time picture of your organization’s visitors –– facilitating situational awareness and risk assessment. Gatekeeper Kiosks are always there, no additional staff needed.

CIP Compliance

CIP Compliance with Gatekeeper

Critical Infrastructure Protection is designed to efficiently identify security threats, develop policies and procedures to address these threats. Gatekeeper surpasses CIP requirements with escort-centric electronic logging. Visits are recorded, stored, and utilized for reporting. Gatekeeper makes your utility enterprise audit-ready.

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Gatekeeper Perimeter enForce

Gatekeeper Perimeter enForce provides enterprise level contractor access logging to your facilities. Perimeter enForce is offered as individual sets or in modular units – temporary containers brought in with kiosks and turnstiles to provide a pass through point for workers. Identities are captured with fingerprint and worker certifications are tracked using Gatekeeper Certification Tracking.

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Perimeter enForce

Certification Tracking

Gatekeeper Certification Tracking

Gatekeeper Certification Tracking provides powerful management tools for granting and monitoring worker certifications. Visitors with missing required certifications are notified of their needed certifications or denied access. Completed orientations cane be granted via Gatekeeper Kiosks. Reports, logs, and dashboards reflect visitor activity in accordance with needed certifications.

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Gatekeeper Front Desk Visitor Management

Gatekeeper Front Desk is a streamlined visitor management application ideal for security guards, receptionists, and lobby desks. Users can view visitor activity, see scheduled visits, control access devices (such as turnstiles), log visitors in, assign badges, and enroll first time visitors all from an easy to use interface.

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Gatekeeper Front Desk

Contractor Management

Gatekeeper Contractor Management

Gatekeeper Contractor Management provides powerful and seamless organization and logging of contractors. Identifiers, such as badges and fingerprints, streamline visit logging. Scheduling features allow express visits with pre-configured options. With Gatekeeper, you know where your contractors are and what they're doing.

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Gatekeeper Key Management

Gatekeeper Key Management tracks the authorized usage of secure keys and objects in specific areas. Keys are checked-in and checked-out from secure lock boxes by individuals with confirmed identities. Escorted keys are shown on dashboards, logged for historical reporting, and are accurately identified using proximity communication. 

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Key & Object Management

Turnstile Access

Device & Turnstile Control

Gatekeeper kiosks can be utilized for Turnstile or other device control. Kiosks allow access through confirmed identity selection and visit logging. Physical identifiers such and fingerprints and corporate badges can be utilized for fast identification. All logging is recorded and displayed in the centralized Gatekeeper system for security personnel and compliance officer review.

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