May 26, 2015

Certification Tracking with Gatekeeper

Tracking access to physical areas requires knowledge of personnel, certifications, and requirements for each specific area. Gatekeeper manages all of these, providing a training and certifications module for managing employee and non-employee rights. Gatekeeper identifies individuals, validates documented certification, and monitors access.

Policies dictate what requirements are needed for each Area. Individuals accomplish these requirements by completing courses. Course completion and certifications are tracked with Gatekeeper. Contractors, visitors, and employees are certified, logged, monitored, and recored by Gatekeeper as they enter and exit the secure Areas of your facilities. Individuals with missing certifications are notified of their missing certifications as they attempt to log a visit.

Certification Tracking from Force 5 facilitates power plant certification creation, orientation, granting, and logging.

Certification Tracking Features Include:

  • Signature Capture
  • Policy Acknowledgement
  • Certification Tracking Dashboard
  • Certification Audit Report
  • Contractor Orientation Report
  • Missing Certification Alerts

Additional Gatekeeper Features Include:

  • "Watch Lists" and Email Notifications
  • Search by Name for Individuals without Identifiers
    • Secondary Identifier Options for Confirmation
  • Capturing of Individual's Reasons for Visit
    • Preset Option or Custom Inputs
  • Scheduled Events for Expedited Visiting