May 26, 2015

Contractor Management with Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper's powerful system manages your contractors effectively and seamlessly. Contractor certifications are authorized and tracked, access to secure areas is verified, and visits are logged as historical data to provide audit-ready reporting. With Gatekeeper, your know where your contractors are and what they are doing.

Logging of visits and escorting of guests is streamlined with identifiers. Identifiers include fingerprints, corporate badges, or even driver licenses. These identifiers make logging at kiosks fast and secure.

Identities can be organized into groups and pre-scheduled in events. This allows for express visits on the day of their arrival, with no need for each group member to input details. The pre-configured settings will be applied to all members of the group.

Contractor Management Features Include:

    • Robust Identity Management
    • Group Management
    • Event and Visit Scheduling
    • Pre-Configured Express Visiting Logging
    • Mass Upload of Pre-Scheduled Events
    • Mass Pre-Enrollment of Identities

Additional Gatekeeper Features Include:

  • "Watch Lists" and Email Alerts
  • Search by Name for Individuals without Identifiers
    • Secondary Identifier Options for Confirmation
  • Capturing of Individual's Reasons for Visit
    • Preset Option or Custom Inputs