August 6, 2015

Perimeter enForce

Perimeter enForce delivers the next-generation of plant perimeter access monitoring. Gatekeeper Perimeter enForce expedites, consolidates, and optimizes the worker plant access process. Workers are identified using physical identifiers (badges, fingerprint, etc.) to log into a Gatekeeper Kiosk. Kiosks can be used to control turnstiles, unlocking when a valid worker is identified.

Perimeter enForce works with other Gatekeeper modules to provide a complete security and compliance solution. Certification Tracking traces who has proper certifications and who needs orientation. Contractor Management features such as pre-enrollment and pre-scheduled events allow for express visits with pre-configured details. Gatekeeper provides real-time dashboards, historical logs, and audit-ready reports with detailed information on worker log ins and log outs.

OSHA Compliance

Gatekeeper offers point of entry compliance for regulations such as OSHA 1910.269 by documenting and tracking worker certifications/training evidence, point of entry policies and contractor administration information. Gatekeeper provides the same real-time KPI Leading/Lagging Indicators and Notifications/Monitoring on who is entering your facility, for what reasons and if they have the proper certifications/training to comply with the Policy to grant access.

Gatekeeper alleviates safety compliance issues and provide organizations with an efficient, accurate, and secure view into whom, when, where, and why individuals are entering facilities and if they meet the training policy for that point of entry. No more manual paper logbooks.

Outage Management for Contingent Workers

Gatekeeper provides perimeter access control and logging for contingent workers in the event of an outage. Through the use of physical identifiers such as fingerprint, workers are verified and logged without the issuance of badges. Paired with our Contractor Management solution, workers can be assembled as groups and pre-scheduled in events for expedited access.

Gatekeeper Perimeter enForce Mobile Units provide a permanent or on-demand structure for perimeter access. Learn more about Mobile Units here.

Perimeter enForce Features Include:

  • Touch-Screen Kiosks for Visit Logging
  • Historical Logging and Reporting
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Fingerprint Identification
  • Turnstile Access Control

Additional Gatekeeper Features Include:

  • "Watch Lists" and Email Alerts
  • Search by Name for Individuals without Identifiers
    • Secondary Identifier Options for Confirmation
  • Capturing of Individual's Reasons for Visit
    • Preset Option or Custom Inputs
  • Scheduled Events for Expedited Visits