January 29, 2012

Physical Area Access Management

Gatekeeper kiosks capture information about employee access, escorted guest access and the reason for entering an area.  Gatekeeper is privilege aware meaning the system is armed with information about an individual’s right to enter or escort guests into an area. Once personnel and visitors have been enrolled in the Gatekeeper system, logging entry is expedited through the use of a corporate badge, driver’s license, or biometric identifier. This minimizes the time required to log access and ensures a more complete and accurate record is recorded.

Information captured is synchronized with the Gatekeeper Server and relayed to operations and security teams through email notifications and the dashboards, providing real time information about whom and why personnel have entered a particular area.

This information is logged and stored for audit purposes. Access log retention can be configured to meet the specific compliance requirements and may be exported to common file formats (csv, xls, pdf, etc…) This centralization of access information relives the need to collect and maintain traditional paper log records   In addition the Gatekeeper Server monitors the health of kiosks to ensure that access logging is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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