May 26, 2015

Access Device Control with Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper supports device control, including turnstile control. When connected to the centralized Gatekeeper system, device control will utilize identities and identifiers (corporate badges, fingerprint, etc.) for streamlined entry and powerful logging. Employees and visitors can use the same identifiers used for logging visits into physical areas can be used to pass through turnstiles.

Device Control

Gatekeeper device control capabilities include the following:

  • Turnstile Control
  • Gate Control
  • Door Control
  • Cabinet Lock Control

Logs and Reporting

All visits through turnstiles, entries through gates, and object escorts from secured cabinets are logged for historical reference and audit reporting. The data is securely store in the centralized Gatekeeper system, and the admin console delivers audit-ready reporting options and powerful historical logs. Anyone logging visits through devices can also be viewed in real-time dashboards.

Additional Gatekeeper Features Include:

  • "Watch Lists" and Email Alerts
  • Search by Name for Individuals without Identifiers
    • Secondary Identifier Options for Confirmation
  • Capturing of Individual's Reasons for Visit
    • Preset Option or Custom Inputs
  • Scheduled Events for Expedited Visiting