January 20, 2012

Identity and Access Management

Force 5’s identity and access management solutions can help businesses manage users and applications in increasingly complex IT environments. Business applications are proliferating, companies are retaining more data than ever before, and there are many more users to contend with both inside and outside the organization. Manually assigning and managing the relationships of individual users and applications is simply too difficult in the face of this complexity.


Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that the right people access the right services. Force 5’s consultants combine proprietary and industry-leading security solutions to mitigate risk and satisfy compliance, and to provide customers, employees and partners access to the information and services they need to be successful.

This is accomplished through the following:

• Establish a coordinated identity data infrastructure: forms the identity information layer itself using: directories, metadirectories, and virtual directories.

• Administer users’ accounts and privileges: manage users’ accounts, attributes, and credentials including provisioning, role management, password management, and privileged user management. This also includes the functional elements of self-service and delegated administration.

• Control users’ access to IT resources: Coordinating users’ access to multiple applications.

Audit related administrative and access activities: Organizations require the ability to demonstrate that account administration and access controls are performing according to policy; identity audit products help with this effort. This includes auditing tools that combine and correlate activities and events across the identity infrastructure, as well as privilege attestation tools to help certify that the privileges associated with a user are correct.

While regulatory compliance and security rank among the main drivers behind identity and access management implementations, companies are quickly realizing that IAM projects touch on almost every aspect of business. Force 5 can help your organization define business processes and enterprise roles to achieve greater results with your IAM solution.

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