January 20, 2012

Integration Services

Information Systems Integration

Force 5 systems integration services are based around IBM WebSphere – the world's leading integration platform. The team at Force 5 has in-depth skills and experience with IBM Websphere MQ and Message Broker products. We are ready to design and implement scalable and reliable integration solutions, provide step-by-step transition to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Additionally, Force 5 is able to write custom adapters for Websphere MQ to integrate Customer's applications, configure messages routing and ensure guaranteed delivery. We have a very high level of experience working with the ZServer, and have implemented dozens of mainframe SOA projects.

The IBM WebSphere- based solution will protect corporate data on-the-go and provide message access auditing, thus reducing company's operational risks and increasing its market capitalization.

Messaging software provides paths between distributed applications, legacy systems, and data. This includes integration between message handling and database-transaction processing, application-to-application information, support for broadcast messaging and larger message sizes, and additional development language support.

Force 5 Messaging Software Practice provides all aspects of successful IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Business Integration Message Broker software implementation, including business needs analysis and readiness assessment, product consulting and reselling, architecture design, integration, application development, testing, maintenance, documentation, disaster recovery, and client staff mentoring services. Force 5 is not only skilled in IBM's messaging software but is well versed with other IBM and non-IBM software that integrate with them. Our multi-discipline experience and cross-brand expertise eases the effort required for successful project completion. Force 5 successful track record of system integration utilizing the IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Business Integration Message Broker messaging software underscores our status as one of IBM's primary go-to partners for supporting large enterprise messaging engagements. For additional information about Force 5 Messaging Software Practice contact us directly. (link)

IBM WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) enables the building of dynamic on-demand applications, and provides the capability to manage high-transaction volumes and bring back-end business data and applications to the web. WAS provides a rich, open systems and standards based application environment producing easily administered, rapidly deployed, and secure applications capable of utilizing legacy systems.

IBM DataPower

IBM DataPower is part of the SOA Foundation's deployment infrastructure. It eases the adoption of XML-based web applications by providing accelerated XML processing and enhanced security protection. DataPower products are available in three models of expanding capabilities: the XA35 XML Accelerator, the SX40 XML Security Gateway and the XI50 XML Integration Appliance. The XA35 XML Accelerator provides XML offload for servers and networks. It can perform XML parsing, XML schema validation, XPath routing, XSLT transformation, XML compression and other essential XML processing. The XS40 XML Security Gateway is a robust, mature solution for securing XML web services. XS40 includes easy-to-use XML firewall and WS-security functionality. The XI50 XML Integration Accelerator quickly transforms binary, flat text and other non-XML messages.

IBM WebSphere Business Integration

IBM WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) is an integrated suite of products, tools, and solutions aimed at meeting the requirements of on-demand businesses. WBI delivers business flexibility by integrating data, applications, processes, and people across multiple companies. It allows businesses to leverage existing IT investments while quickly adapting to changing business conditions.

Some of the key WBI products include:

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker transforms information to provide a level of intermediation between applications that use different message structures and formats, and distributes real-time information from disparate sources of information through a centralized broker. Message Broker integrates with databases to perform message logging, data merge, and database update functions, and simplifies the integration of existing applications with web services by transforming and routing SOAP messages, as well as the logging of Web Services transactions.

IBM WebSphere MQ

IBM WebSphere MQ provides for the easy exchange of information across different platforms, integrating new and existing business applications. MQ can work with many protocols, message types, and environments to connect applications, data, and web services. MQ assures reliability and security with several security options. It has integrated support for the JAVA Messaging Service, it simplifies development and can dynamically distribute workloads. MQ ensures the secure and accurate flow of information throughout the system.

IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow

IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow supports the integration of systems and people into a managed process integration environment for EAI, B2Bi, BAM and BPM solutions, supporting open standards service-oriented architectures (SOA). This includes the automation and tracking of business processes in accordance with existing business workflow, compatibility with open standards, and allows the use of WebSphere Business Integration Modeler and Monitor for design, analysis, simulation and monitoring of process improvements.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Business Integration (TAMBI) is a multi-platform security solution that upgrades WebSphere MQ native security services to those provided by WebSphere MQ Extended Security Edition. It helps WebSphere MQ-based applications communicate securely across a variety of platforms. TAMBI is a scalable, high-performance solution, which provides access controls to govern which applications can put messages to, or get messages from, specific queues. Its use of public key technology protects messages and maintains message integrity and confidentiality.

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server is IBM's solution for efficiency and flexibility in automating process integration, workforce management, and enterprise application connectivity. It enables the creation and deployment of processes and the synchronization of data from multiple sources, including message format transformation between applications.

IBM WebSphere Interchange Server

IBM WebSphere Interchange Server, as a key component of IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server, addresses the need for efficient and flexible automation and synchronization of business activities executed across multiple applications. The tools for the WebSphere Interchange Server are provided as the WebSphere Business Integration Toolset.