November 22, 2016

SMS & Pager Service

World-Wide SMS and Text Pager Notification Service

Force 5 has been providing worldwide pager and SMS services to large global corporations allowing them to reach thousands of global carriers since 2000.

Messaging – messages delivered to a variety of messaging devices and technologies, providers, and protocols
Messaging devices and technologies – text pagers, cell/mobile phones.

Protocols – SMS, TAP, iTAP, SNPP, etc.

Redundancy/Reliability – Force 5 uses the only platform with multiple routes to the major US carrier networks, as well as robust, redundant carrier interconnects in every region to reach nearly every mobile subscriber in the world. Force 5 provides a messaging solution that is accessed via well documented API.

  • Force 5 generates individualized outgoing messages from a variety of different groups to individual users.
  • Queuing – Send SMS as fast as you like. Force 5 automatically queues and sends each message at a rate that keeps you compliant.
  • Concatenation – Exchange long messages and Force 5 will automatically segment and reassemble them with no custom code required.